Power Run

  1 JAN – 31 DEC 2020
Virtual Run


FREE Name Engrave on Finisher’s T-shirt & Medal
We wish to inspiring and upgrading anyone who is enthusiastic in running and make their goal fulfill with reward, another excitement after Power of Determination and Power of Passion, now is time to strengthen your inner power!


Challenge duration: Jan to Dec 2020 (Register & Start at anytime, your run record from 2020 January onwards is counted)

Cut Off Time: No cut off time. This is a Virtual Race. You can join and run at anywhere in the world. All you need is a GPS base tracking Running/Walking App.

Challenge Distance: 2000KM Super Power
(Run distance can be accumulated by running, jogging, walking, hiking or treadmill and with other run events)

REGISTRATION CLOSE: 31 JULY 2020 for T-shirts and Medals production.

Note: All Participants who register after 31 July 2020 will be receiving Medal/T-shirt without Name Engraving.

RUNNER ENTITLEMENT: One Exquisite Finisher’s Medal, Personalized eBib, eCert and one quality dry-fit Finisher’s T-shirt with NAME printed (ONLY 6 BIG characters including space eg. AJVRUN) for all participants register before 31 July 2020.

FREE Name & Distance Engraving on the Finisher Medal
Finisher Medal Name Engraving can be yourself or loved ones, or any valued person to you.
Max 15 characters including space. Only allow for participants register before 31 July 2020.

Top 10 Male Winners: Trophy
Top 10 Female Winners: Trophy

Prizes According To Placing (No age restrictions) Once you have completed the entire distance (2000km) quickily submit your result to us, we judge from the TIME of submission NOT how fast you ran on the result.

Virtual Race is about yourself discipline and sincerity, so treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself.

Contact Information
For any queries, you can contact us either via our Contact Us page, call us at 03-2773 9515, or drop us an email at ajv.helpdesk@gmail.com

How to participate with Ample Joy Virtual Race?

  1. How to record your race?

Start Running, Walking or Hiking during the registered Event Timeline. You can use any Running App, Sport Watch or Treadmill, to record the distance of your activities, then screenshot the Ran/Walked result. Make sure that the record includes the Date, Distance (KM), Time and Pace of your movement. If you run on the treadmill, you may leave out the date. Suggest Apps: [Run Tracker], [Runkeeper], [Runtastic] or your own preference app (Speedometer is not allowed) the Treadmill record is allowed, just use your hand phone to snap the result show on the dashboard, if multiple Treadmill screenshots kindly record in Excel file with Date and Distance accordingly.

  1. Completion and how to upload your result?

2.1 No. Of Completion: One time/Multiple times (Accumulative distance is allowed)

2.2 Once you had completed the entire distance, upload the screenshot of your Ran/Walked result and submit your proof of records to Ample Joy Email: vrun.result@gmail.com
In order to speed up the verification and proceed to eCert Award, please submit the MONTHLY/YEARLY TOTAL DISTANCE SUMMARY Screenshots with Personalized eBib number and YOUR FULL NAME in ONLY ONE email, to AVOID confusion, please DO NOT send repeatedly.

Race Kit Delivery Period

  1. When will the Race kit be delivered?

1.1 Please note that our Race kit delivery period is as below:

Malaysia: Thirty to Fourty (30-40) working days after Event Timeline Ended.

Other Countries/Regions: Fourty to Sixty (40-60) working days after Event Timeline Ended.

1.2 Delivery time may vary depending on the location and circumstance.
Weekends and public holidays are exempt from the shipping period.

1.3 Expect delays due to unexpected weather, incorrect postal code/address, manufacture technical issues and etc.

You are also encouraged to post your Accomplishment on Ample Joy Virtual Race Facebook page visitors post to support our Running Community. Kindly combine your Total Ran Result Summary with your eBib & eCert Award in one photo collage then submit and share your Achievement at Ample Joy Virtual Race Facebook page: https://web.facebook.com/ajvrun

Please HASHTAG the Event Name and Ample Joy on your post, LIKE our page and stay tune always. Thanks!

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如何参与Ample Joy 线上活动项目?

  1. 在活动期间开始跑步/行走。您可以下载任何的应用程序来记录您的跑步/行走里程成绩,然后截图跑步/行走里程成绩记录。建议应用程序 Apps:[Run Tracker],[Runkeeper],[Runtastic] 任何的应用程序 或者您自己惯用的。【跑步机】运行里程记录是允许的,只需使用您的手机在【跑步机】的屏幕上拍下跑步/行走显示里程成绩记录就可以了
  1. 完成次数:一次/多次(允许累计里程次数,如果没办法在一次中完成)一旦您完成了整个里程的成绩记录,请提交您的跑步/行走里程成绩记录到Ample Joy的电子邮箱:vrun.result@gmail.com  为了快速验证里程成绩记录,请提交里程总结成绩记录与 eBib编号和姓名在一封电子邮件里,不要分开邮寄也不要重复的发以避免混乱

我们也鼓励您在面子书上分享你的成就以示支持:请将里程总结成绩记录与eBib/eCert 组合在一张照片中才提交,建议照片应用程序 Photo Collage App [InstaMag] 或任何类似的,然后在我们的面子书分享您的成绩记录照片:https://web.facebook.com/ajvrun/

请在您的帖子中加入HASHTAG活动项目名称和Ample Joy,谢谢您的支持!

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