Master Your Surya Namaskar

  25 APR 2020
 4.00pm – 5.30pm


Whether you’re new to yoga or you’ve been on the mat for years, breaking down the poses into all of their minor elements can deepen your practice and improve your experience. Many yoga classes will begin with a series of sun salutations (traditionally called surya namaskar)  The Sun Salutation, or Surya Namaskar in Sivananda Yoga is a flowing repetition of postures that follows the traditional Hatha Yoga. It is, quite literally, a ritual that awakens and salutes each and every part of the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of the Sun Salutation:

*Effective cardiovascular and aerobic conditioning, regular practice improves physical strength, corrects the posture.
*Surya Namaskar is the complete total body workout.
*Tones the muscles, strengthens the core, reduces belly fat, enhances organ functions, purifies the blood, boosts immunity and improves blood circulation.
* Sun Salutation increases confidence, optimism and awareness.

How to Sign Up:
Step 1 – Purchase your ticket
Step 2 – We will email you the event URL and password
Step 3 – Join in and have a blast!

Ticket Price: RM 20

Things You Need:

1. Yoga mat
2. Comfortable attire to workout
3. Not to consume any heavy meals 2 hrs before the session. Water can be consumed 30 minutes before
4. Towel
5. Good Internet connection


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